Fine Porcelain

Fine porcelain

with splashs, waves, lines and shades of blue. We draw inspiration from the blue and white ceramics / delft blue and try bring in classical element to the futures, making the design of the pieces timeless. Every piece is pointing out at assidious care in our unique craftsmanship making them current, inclusive and diverse. Not one piece is the same.


Hand-made, fine craftmanship combining luxurious materials and modern designs with a touch of classical elements to give your home a timeless aesthetic.

We work with a highly translucent porcelain body. Our products are hand-made beginning with a prototype then a mould is created, after this stage and drying of the moulds. We then are ready to slip-cast with a liquid porcelain which will be fired to 1280°C. This is were the fun begins because of the characteristics of porcelain the body sometimes might suffer slight distortion hence not one piece is the same giving each piece it’s own individuality

Beautifully imperfect

With regards to my vases the images are subject based as i explore the idea of identity or self. The images are hand painted using Pointism technique using cobalt oxide. I specifically draw mostly women / females from the African continent as also a celebration of self.

Hand Painted Beaker Vase.


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